Lock it Down: Elements to Consider for Your Security System

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Whether you're aiming to protect your home, your property or your business, having a professional security system installed is an excellent way to go about it.  You can combine several different features together to meet your specific security needs.  But what exactly should you go for to achieve your ideal level of coverage, and get that peace of mind you're looking for?  Here are some elements you should consider adding to your system, and why.


It's what most people think of when they start considering security—and with good reason.  CCTV not only helps to solve problems after they've occurred but also serves as an excellent deterrent against criminal activity in the first place.  In fact, it's such an effective deterrent that some homeowners and businesses purchase fake CCTV cameras, which aren't hooked up to any system.  That's a great option if you're working with a budget, but you should definitely invest in a full system if you can afford it.  Equally, if you're able to stretch your budget further, then 360-degree or moving cameras are preferable to the fixed ones.

Audio-Visual Entry System

Traditionally used for businesses and apartments, entry systems are now also often installed into houses.  It's the modern version of a door-chain; they allow homeowners to begin speaking to the person at their door without having to open it.  Especially if you live with vulnerable people such as the elderly or young children, or in an area with a high number of sales and nuisance calls, this could be an excellent option for you.

Window and Door Sensors

Installing sensors to monitor your windows and doors is a really smart and unintrusive way of maintaining the security of your home or business.  They'll set off an alarm if opened outside of hours; some systems may also send an alert to your phone or email address.  These may be too subtle to act as a visual deterrent for a burglar attempting entry, but they may prevent a criminal from going ahead with a burglary - so they're still certainly worth the money.

All-in-One Control Systems

For your convenience, consider investing in a system which combines all elements of your security to one control centre.  If you have a 'home assistant' device, it can be synced with that; otherwise, many systems can be controlled through smartphone apps. Whatever you choose, collecting everything together in one place enables you total simple control over your entire security system.  You will have to pay for the privilege - but if you can afford it, it's definitely worth the cost.

Of course, there are also plenty of other security devices you can consider - but these are a good set to get you started.  You can always contact a professional security company for a home or business security appraisal if you'd like some advice specific to your building, too.  Good luck!