How to Choose the Best Exterior Blinds for Your Home

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Outdoor blinds can help to block light and cold air or hot air from entering your home, without having them detract from the interior appearance and décor of that space. You can also use exterior blinds around a patio or deck area for privacy and for shade. When you're ready to choose exterior blinds for any area, note a few tips for making the right choice for your space.

Cellular blinds

Cellular blinds have a type of honeycomb shape that creates an air pocket in each slat of the blind. This air pocket can create maximum protection against outside air. They are the best choice for when you want blinds that provide an insulating factor and not just that block light or provide privacy from your neighbors. While all blinds might provide some cushioning or insulation from wind and cold, you want to choose cellular blinds in areas with extremes in temperature.


Blinds need to roll into a cassette or small housing unit at the top of the blinds; you might actually want to choose an oversized cassette for added visual interest. Like shutters or an awning, this cassette can act as a frame for your windows even when the blinds are not down. On the other hand, if you want a clean and simple look for your home and don't want the blinds to detract from the paint color or the windows themselves, choose the smallest cassette offered.

Solar shades

You may think that very dark shades are the best for keeping your home protected from too much sunlight, but this isn't always the case. Some blinds may have quite a bit of openness, meaning that the weave of their fabric is so loose that sun easily passes through. In turn, you might have dark blinds but don't feel that you're getting much protection from the sun. If you choose solar shades, meaning those with a very small weave pattern and very low openness, you can actually have a lighter color of blinds and still get protection from the sun. Choose a color you love and that coordinates with your home first, and then choose the openness you want for protection from the sun's rays and for maximum comfort.


When sizing exterior blinds for windows, you might choose something oversized or that is a bit wider than your windows. This can make the windows look larger from the outside and can offer more protection from the elements when it's raining or snowing out. This will also ensure your entire window is covered and protected from damage during storms, and it may offer more protection from outside noise when the blinds are closed.