What to Look for in Security Doors and Accessories for a Business

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Security doors are a great idea for any business as they prevent break-ins and vandalism and can even protect the business against explosions and the like. Not all security doors and their accessories are the same, though, and your needs will vary according to your business. However, it's good to know the basics of what to look for before you start shopping. You'll want a quality door that offers more than just a heavy-duty lock when it comes to keeping your business secure, so note the following features to consider.

1. How the grid is installed

Most security doors involve a type of grid or diamond pattern cut into a metal piece. This piece is then attached to the door. Poor-quality security doors may have the metal piece riveted to the door in certain places, but a good security door will have the mesh or metal piece attached to the door at all points. This will ensure it's more secure and will make it harder to remove the metal piece from the door itself, as riveted doors will be weaker in areas where the grid is not actually connected to the door.

2. Multiple locks and hinges

Hinges connect the door to the frame itself, so the more hinges a door has, the more connections it has; in turn, it's harder to simply kick the door or force it away from the frame. A door with triple hinges can typically be more secure than one with the standard two hinges. Multiple locks are also good for security doors; consider one at the handle but then also a separate deadbolt, a lock at the top, or a lock at the bottom for more security. These can frustrate someone trying to pick the locks and also offer more contact points for the door and the frame, keeping the door more secure overall.

3. Film

Metal pieces and gates that go behind a door with glass and behind windows won't typically prevent the glass from breaking, even if they keep someone from entering through a broken window. This is why protective film can be a good choice for helping keep doors and windows secure. The right film can make glass more shatter-resistant and keep windows intact in case of explosion, small earthquakes, and the like. If glass does break, film can also keep the shards attached to the film so there is less risk of injury from flying glass. Consider using security film in addition to security doors to keep your business as safe as possible.

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